What is a landed cost and how do you calculate it?

If you run a small to medium-sized business, or even if you’re part of a large corporation, you may feel that international shipping can be overly complex and unpredictable at times. However, armed with the right information and with access to expert support, you can find success with your imports and exports. One of the […]

Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance in a Complex Environment Combine our brokerage and transportation services to ensure accurate customs compliance and timely clearance of your goods. Whether you’re shipping air, ocean, or ground, we’ll help you reduce the risk of delays or penalties. We offer tools and consulting services to help you manage international trade by leveraging our […]

What is demurrage and how can you avoid it?

Shipping goods around the world can seem like a complex task. Your business has to work hard to prepare the necessary paperwork, understand the customs requirements of each country and keep everything moving on schedule. But what about those factors that are apparently outside of your control? One such factor is demurrage. Demurrage is a […]

Federal Agency Shipping

Proven and preferred shipping. Whether it’s domestic or international shipping, We continues to be an authorized federal government shipping provider for the U.S. Government. What does that mean for you? Reduced rates and an experienced partner that understands that understand your challenges and goals. We’ll work with you to identify where and when you can […]

Technology Services

Get the insights you need to make smart decisions. Consolidate and sharpen your shipping processes with visibility provided by our technology systems. You’ll see where to save minutes and where you should invest hours. Our tools and technologies are designed to create efficiencies, centralize control, cut costs, reduce paper, and increase productivity. Simplify Savings Start […]

Who pays customs duties, fees or taxes?

Shipper’s Guide to Duties and Taxes Who is responsibility for payment The payment of duties and taxes are typically the responsibility of the receiver Taxes are imposed on goods when they are moved across a political boundary  Taxes are usually associated with protectionism, the economic policy of restraining trade between nations.Taxes are usually imposed on […]


door-to-door door-to-door delivery in just hours Available 365 days a year throughout all 50 states to request pickup,Government-issued photo ID required at pickup for all Same Day servic SameDay® City Cross-city, door-to-door delivery in just hours between select ZIP codes Available within select U.S. metro areas Request our contract-only, SameDay City Route service for shipments […]

International Services

Go Places. Guaranteed. Take your business in any direction with assured worldwide delivery Reaching new customers and providers internationally is easier with an experienced global shipping expert like us. Whether you need an economical shipping option or the fastest possible service for urgent shipments, we can provide a solution for international shipments of any size. […]

Doorstep Delivery

We’ve got you covered Whether you’re racing against the clock with an urgent shipment or have time to consider a wider range of delivery options and prices, we have you covered. Our extensive domestic ground and air network can get your shipment to more U.S. ZIP codes earlier than any other major carrier. And with […]